Albion Online: Hopp around on a bunch of alts is required

I feel like its really lame that in some ways, hopping around on a bunch of alts is required if you want to be truly competitive. Though this nearly always been the case in pvp mmorpgs, in AO it seems somewhat more game breaking.

1. Because you are allowed one private island for each character on your account, you can provide all your farming needs yourself and thus eliminate the intrinsic value and need for specialty as well as the market just by logging in a few minutes per character each day.

2. Considering the passive income of personal islands over time and tax-free buildings, its reasonable to assume some might find greater value in buying a bunch of alt accounts to sell horses and oxes everyday and whatnot rather than what they might otherwise do,Buy Albion Online Gold to convert into silver directly, which unlike personal islands, has a finite value.

I would suggest diminishing the power of alts by either only allowing 1 character per account, or only being allowed 1 personal island per account. This way people with money to burn and several accounts won’t have such large advantages.

3. Alts can be used to modify buy/sell orders at romote locations, thus eliminating travel costs that other traders pay, and freeing up your main to do other activities. Not a big deal for most people but it does create an uneven playing field for traders. For this I suggest that the the ability to create buy/sell orders for tier 4 items and higher require an equivalent adventurer level.

4. Scouts. You can just leave your alts all over the place as tripwires to locate escaping Oxes, warn of incomming pks into the dungeon, you name it. No idea how to deal with this one, but reducing AO Silver to 1 per account should reduce their desirability. Special roaming elite MOBs with large aggro radius that will send you to town when they kill you could help a bit to combat this.

5. Alts can also be used as a bank to store items in dangerous areas. For this I suggest increasing the logout timer for the disgustingly overweight players.

6. some other nasty thing. Like 2v1’d a guy with my alt account b/c you can play with one hand..

Edit: In before an army of alts comes in to tell me that alts are fine and that there is nothing stopping me from buying a bunch of alts too.

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Albion is wonderful

Hello Senpai!

I was attracted to Albion Online for two reasons. The first was the full-loot mechanic where every decision leading to an action has a consequence, and each player is rewarded for the correct choice and punished for the wrong one. I’ve played several theme-park MMOs where gear and Albion Online Gold quickly become irrelevant as death penalties are minimal or temporary.

I quickly got bored of those and tried sandbox MMOs like Shadowbane and EVE Online and appreciated how game knowledge and experience mattered, and also how anyone anywhere could lose anything at any time. I’ve seen people lose months, even years of time invested to one mistake, and become highly emotional on voice comms as the realization hits them.

I’ve seen guilds rally behind those players with support so that they could stand back up and recover, and in the process become better at the game. That sense of community, of family was always strongest in a sandbox environment, where true consequences force you to become a best albion online silver store, a better gamer, and a better person.

And so when I learned Albion Online was being advertised as following in the footsteps of UO and other horrifyingly brutal sandbox games, I did not hesitate to sign up. Almost a month into Beta 2, here are a few thoughts:


I’ve read through so many complaints about how most gear has no value. As soon as you unlock a new tier, you find someone already beat you to it and is selling those items on the marketplace at such low prices that you wonder why you bothered. You walk around for hours searching for untapped nodes of enchanted AO Silver but return to town hours later with scraps, unable to craft anything of note. While this may be disheartening for some people, believe it or not this is good for the game.

At any one time, the vast majority of available gear is completely irrelevant. Only the max available tier (currently Tier 6, soon Tier 7) with .3 and .4 enchantment level are of worth. The rest (.1 and .2) are so common and worthless in the greater scheme of things that full loot is merely an inconvenience to even the average player.

More accessible gear -> less valuable -> more risks taken -> more PvP -> more content -> more gear destroyed -> more opportunities for profit -> everyone wins -> why complain?

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Albion Online: Harsher than the “standard” way

Thanks for the great post.

—The main reason for the flagging system is its signalling power. If you are flagged blue, other blue players know that you cannot attack them without some up-front notice. This allows people to cooperate and not be overly scared of each other even in yellow and red zones.
—Of course, just reputation, without flagging, has signalling power too. However, we do not think it’s enough. Even if you are glorious, if you find the right victim with rare gear, you’d still kill him on sight to take his stuff.
—For the same reason, we reset reputation to 0 if you flag red. Flagging red means that you are looking for kills, it’s essentially “contemplating murder” in real life. If somebody told you he was looking to kill somebody, he’d lose all “reputation” for being a good guy, too.

The above factors make our system harsher than the “standard” way of Buying Albion Online Gold it that you describe in the OP. Essentially, it strongly encourges players to pick whether they want to be a) a full blown player killer b) a neutral, who can do the occassional opportunistic kill c) a good guy, possibly hunting down PKs

Here is the pros and cons:
1) Criminal: Can make a lot of kills. But is also in constant danger as he is perma-red.
2) Neutral/slight criminal: Can make some kills while still being able to flag blue. Is a nice target for criminals, as he can be killed without reputation loss.
3) Good Guy: Can’t kill blue players at all, unless he wants to turn neutral. Has best protection from neutrals and criminals as killing him costs a lot of reputation.

Now, why do we think we need a “harsher” criminal system? It has to do with the PvP eco-system. Our goal is to have a sustainable balance between blue and red players in the red zones.

To achieve that, we essentially need to manage the average risk that a blue players faces. If, for example, red players can kill 5 blue players per hour, this is not sustainable. 1 hour of fun for the red players has been bought with tons of hours of grind destroyed for the 5 blue players, the result being that blue players will stop using Albion Online Silver, the result being that PKers do not find victims any more and ultimately quit too -> ecosystem has collapsed, and this effect has destroyed many hardcore PvP games.

To balance the system, we need to make sure that the risk vs reward for the red players and the risk vs reward for the blue player in in line with each other.

For the red players, this means that on average, he would suffer a little less than one death for each kill. For the blue player, it woulud mean that the benefits of being in the red zone (better resources, etc) somewhat outweigh the risk of being killed. At the moment, I do not think we are there yet.

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Albion Online: A fishing rod in stead of a fish

Try making a buy order for 100 silver of some material.Then try to look in the “my orders” section of the AH interface. See if you can cancel it.

Your question is completely redundant when you can do super simple stuff to figure out the answer. The fact that you decide to repeat your question in stead of just fucking playing with AO Silver just blows my mind. Are you literally going to not make your buy order until someone tells you the answer on this forum?

Stravanov you are a complete punk, and i applaud SamDog for his patience with you.

I am not sure how you can test this because if you put in your buy order at the same price, how can you tell if your order was filled first or his? you have to wait until someone fills the order, but when your order gets filled does that mean that it was yours first, or was his already filled?

Repeat after me Stravanov “I don’t know”. That is all you had to say.

I’m just tired of idiots.

Like you. How fucking hard is it for you to figure out how to test this?

I’ll do the fucking thinking for you. But promise me to go out and think about why you are average in life.

How to test the question at hand:

Step 1: Put your three characters in a starter town. One of them needs to have some T4 material that noobs won’t harvest and fill up your buy orders with
Step 2: Put up a buy order for 10 of your selected T4 material on albion online gold shop with one character
Step 3: Repeat step 2 for your other character. The price needs to be the same
Step 4: Sell some T4 material with your 3rd character

Rocket fucking science. OP couldn’t figure this shit out in 24 hours.

I also salute you for putting up with my tone. Well done. I am bad at dealing with stupid people that spam forums with questions that aren’t much harder than “what is 2+2”. This is indeed a fault in my personality. You can hate at me about it all you want. There is no need to put up with it. Just promise me to do some thinking on the subject that I also asked Lewk to think about.

I will always insist to at least try to wake people like you up and enable you to use the fishing rod that is right there by your side (your brain) in stead of just standing by and doing nothing while you ask for the fish all your life.

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People can read what I post in Albion

If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have taken this defense dance with me, but I’ll respect you’re self righteous crusade to derail by launching insults then playing the victim when someone does it back. Then trying to pretend you didn’t have a hand in any of it.

In other news, what we can see here is the trend in MMOs that offer people “time savers”. I remember walking my ass off in early MMOs, mostly because I was poor and couldn’t get mounts, but also I feel because gsmes weren’t catering to the casual albion online gold market as much by offering short cuts such as warps and taxi service in every village.

People get used to doing easy things, so when it goes back to the harder way, many complaints are had.

Then stop replying to me, you brought a bunch of bs to this thread and you got called out for it… now you wanna keep going back and forth and I keep telling you if thats the case just talk to me personally.. otherwise just shut the fuck up.

I don’t have any insight? Or you dislike and disagree with my insight? Or, is it just that you simply dislike that I am offering insight, because you don’t think I have earned the right (in your eyes) to offer any insight? Which is it?

If you disagree with any of the points I’ve made, I’ve yet to see you counter them with points of your own. Why is that? These forums used to be a lot less about attacking the messenger and more about debating the message. I take a few months off without clubbing the hell out of all you wanna be forum bullies, and look what happens.

We can go round and round on this if you like, but at the end of the day, you’re just gonna look bad and you’re gonna feel bad. So do yourself and everyone else a favor, and just stop with the elitist forum thug behavior, and discuss your thoughts on the topics, assuming you have any Albion Online Silver. I don’t enjoy bludgeoning obnoxious folks like you, but I consider it my duty to call anyone on their BS bullying tactics.

To whom? People can read what I post. People can read what you post. They can then make up their own minds, just like the devs do.

People who focus on smearing others almost always do so because they are frustrated by their inability to articulate their points in a discussion. It’s very grade school. I’ve been around the block once or twice, so I’ve seen it a million times.

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How about I rant a little in Albion

I use a Nvidia K1. It does play the game but with major hassles.

Once you get it downloaded and installed, which is a pain in the ass. sort of. You have to download the client from the website. Everytime. If there is an update. and you try to use the update button. No Go. Download the entire client every time. Then you have to install the client. I use airdroid. This isn’t as bad as the first times figuring it out. so download the entire client. use a third party apk installer(I found airdroid to work). MAKE SURE Unknown sources is marked in the security tab under setting. This allows non playstore apps to install.

ok game installed ready to get started… not quite….

now when you attempt to log into your account the keyboard wont stay open to type your password or email. I mean sometimes it will.. I don’t know how or why but sometimes it does work. So type your email and password into another app, then copy 1 at a time, Open the albion online gold market. it will have to open from the beginning and do the entire load. Because that’s what it does. Now paste your email(assuming you copied that first) and paste it into the email box. Now you can try to get to the password box but it usually fails for me. so exit the Albion client and copy your password. reopen the Albion client. It will have to open from the beginning and to the entire load. Because that’s what it does. Now paste in your password. And hopefully click the save password button before the game logs in. Phew… oh yeah. If it is a fresh install after you get logged in it will ask you for a code that they send to your email. So go to your email, copy the code. Open the Albion. It will have to open from the beginning and do the entire load. Because that’s what it does. maybe you can open the email with the code on a different device and write it in. oh wait, the keyboard doesn’t work.

For later installs if everything works correctly. When you download the entire new client on an update. It will ask if you want to overwrite your previous file or create a new one. you can overwrite the file, and when you install the apk again your password may have saved. So you wont have to do that again. hopefully.

Ok that is downloading and logging in.

Now for gameplay.. It plays pretty well on the shield. Then the client closes/crashes. And you have to open it from the beginning and do the entire load. Then you get logged in, hit the enter world button, it loads most of the way, crashes. client does this about 4 or 5 times. Some times when you try to get Albion Onlin Gold it says a player is still logged in on your account so you have to keep on trying till they recognize that you are not playing anymore but trying to log in.

It seems to crash most often if you are in a fight. So if I am using my tablet I will avoid fights with most creatures and npcs especially over tier IV. Low tier creatures will only knock you out when your client crashes but they will still damage your gear. I wont even go into pvp zones on tablet.

Oh but Shield tablet does look better than my many year old laptop with an I5 processor with 4G RAM and a windows experience index of 5.9 :-/. But pc version has never crashed on me. dced from the server a few times but no major faults.

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God forgives not once but twice

I would be on the fine line of naming and shaming. I reported Cheap MapleStory Mesos at least 7 of them for hacking and botting at ToT and MP3, 6 of them abused the cube-meso cash shop bug at the start, they were freed although they promoted it to others and leeched their mains off the accounts (even bragged about it) and they they have ALOT of legendary eq on them + tyrants and a few others which seem like an impossibility.. hmmm….

3 more were busy smegaing the world that Nexon were “B”s for “falsing” banning them then behold some of us watched them hacking and botting a few days later, they were banned and I saw 2 back in the game again today.

Hint: Releasing them in unranked mode just makes many of us laugh harder, some aren’t there in the game to do anything else but terrorize others.

If you know anything of Christian doctrine, you know that God forgives infinitely many times.
No matter how many times you’ve sinned, repented, and relapsed, God is always willing to accept your next repentance.


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