Trove: What did you do during Trove’s Anniversary

For the first week, it’s not related to Trove in any way but it kept me from playing Trove for the first week of the anniversary. Many of you don’t know, I recently had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed on the 13. I had an local anesthesia along with an iv sedation (awake) for the surgery. Overall, not so bad. It was complete painless and I felt entirely calm throughout the procedure which lasted for an hour and 10 minutes to get 4 out. During that week, I bled for 6 hours, my bottom lip and tongue were numb till day 2, vomited a few times and lay dying in my own bed. Day 2 and 3 was pretty bad since I skipped one day without food and just drank water for medication only. On the 17, I turned 19 and am officially legal to drink in Canada lmao but I did not go party or whatever because I still couldn’t eat anything good or obviously drink any alcohol so yeah, my birthday wasn’t that exciting but I got $100 from my dad.

Alright, so the second week where I’m actually starting to feel better from my wisdom teeth. I stopped taking painkillers on day 7 I think which made me happy so that I wouldn’t feel dizzy playing Trove. Okay, so the point of the thread… I pretty much spent Trove by mining for Cheap Trove Flux, got back into pvp to get arena coins and trophies, leveled up my Fae Trickster twice, I roasted someone on the Global chat a few times (oops), I complained to myself about the golden ticket loot boxes, and well, overall, the last 2 weeks were meh to me. More off-topic things I did on week 2 were: Got to level 5 on Pokemon Go (not playing the game full-time, only playing it when I go outside with my mom or something), ate sushi, got a check-up on my wisdom teeth sockets on the 21, came back with “You’re recovering well with no dry sockets or infections.”

Hey Fallow you’re about my age! Well if a year and a half age difference is close enough to saying “about”. Anyways I didn’t do much. Personal stuff hasn’t been so good. Finally got a therapist and yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me so that happened. My computer has a virus so I’m doing a long LONG scan on it. It’s been going for hours and only at 15% send help. On topic of trove though I got my Shadow Hunter to level 30 and somehow managed to get a DDE. Not much other than that. I don’t really do much on trove. It’ll suck having the event over. I liked the fact that all daily bonuses were active. Now ore day is back to suffering the downtime of patch day…

That’s a bummer that your bf broke up with you. Computer viruses? I’m like the master at giving my computers a virus.. well when I was young. As of now, my windows and my mac seem to not have a virus.. I hope, haha. Yeah, I’ll miss the bonuses being all active too. 😐 and I’ll miss my patron. I only paid for 1 month patron once then I’m like “I felt like I wasted my money.” I’ll just stick back to buying art supplies and waste my money that way, lol as usual since I’m an art nerd.

We should be art buddies. Although I haven’t drawn in awhile… I have no idea how I got the virus anyways because I haven’t downloaded anything or gone on weird sites. Meh. This is why you use Linux xD Most viruses are programmed for Windows and Linux is more secure. I don’t have enough memory on my laptop though for dual boot though so Windows it is.

I never understood the 2 day patron, lol. I missed one entire week although I tried my best to log in with the stupid pain I dealt with. Didn’t really expect to see this kind of comment but I guess the devs can benefit something from this thread through the Trove Flux for sale. Anniversary wasn’t that exciting but it’s just 1 year, maybe in a few years, it’ll be better.

I never really had an art buddy, not like many people enjoyed my art in high school but I definitely changed my art style in college, haha. I haven’t drawn in awhile either unfortunately. I wish I was more motivated but being on summer vacation, I just end up on the computer playing online games and ignoring art. I know that I will draw more often by the time I start enrolling in Graphic Design which I look forward to. I never owned a Linux before, I don’t even know what it is exactly but I know it has a penguin logo. I don’t have enough money for anything right now. I’m still unemployed and as a 19 year old, I’m embarrassed that I never worked for money since 16 which is like the legal age to start working. :|It’s so hard to look for a job in my local city. Even applied for McDonalds, lel nah they don’t even call me.


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