Trove: use the lasers from the Laserceratops

OK, I guess I misspoke there. However, the point is that bombs can destroy these things, or at least destroy them faster than the Laseratops can. I just really like the Laseratops mount, and right now it doesn’t feel that special, even though it has an ability that no other mount has to this point. Although the lasers are cool, it is more practical to get off the mount and use bombs, lasermancy, or attacks (in the case of radiant shards) than use the lasers from the Laserceratops, which feels like such a shame.

I agree with this. The lasers are fairly pointless since they don’t do enough to actually make the Laseratops a mount with decent abilities. Of course, it shouldn’t be on the same level as dragons, since that would be locking a powerful mount behind a paywall, but it would be good to see a slight buff.

I was actually thinking about this myself earlier. The mount from what I have seen offers no benifit to battle and if you wanted to mine on a mount why not take a dragon or Tank Turtle through the Trove Flux for sale. Just using Lasermancer you are doing more than the mount as that laser is constant block damage instead of the burst block damage. A way I thought of to fix this is have the Laseratops base its block damage on your Lasermancery stat.

The functionality is already there as the damage is based off yours so why not have the other part do it as well? Two ways to go about this is either have it pierce through a certain amount of blocks (increases with Lasermancy) or have it turn into an AoE blast with a size of 2³, 3³, or even 4³ (again, based on the stat). This way it promotes the use of the Cheap Trove Flux with a stat no one really uses seriously and allows you to mine in a new and interesting way. It is a cool mount but is overshadowed by other mounts or items who do the jobs way more efficiently with less hassle.

Despite this the laser has ONE use…. The range is alot further than your normal laserancy laser. So if i’m building on a tall sky scraper and there is a block out of distance for me, i can mount up and normally take it out. Doesn’t sound that useful but it has helped at times when building. That aside though, the mount is a huge disappointment. I find it more annoying most of the time than useful.


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