Trove: the only class that offers melee and ranged weapons

I always recommend Boomeranger to anyone starting out. It’s the only class that offers melee and ranged weapons. It has built in bombs which are extremely helpful in farming ores or simply blowing your way through walls in dungeons. It can also hold it’s own as far as damage and health goes. It really is the best class all around and it’s a lot of fun to play.

rev is pretty good at tanking and crowd control but kind of lacks in damage unless you build him for damage. closest you can get to Buy Trove Flux and “nearly being impossible to get killed” (i.e. immortal) while still doing damage is a hybrid build, but even that lacks in damage until endgame.

if you want a good starting solo’er, I recommend boomer, pirate captain, chloromancer, candy barb, or lunar lancer. all of them except lunar lancer are well balanced between hp and damage output. lunar lancer has lower hp but higher burst damage compared to the other classes listed.

once you get into midgame (around 5k power) you can start looking at neon ninja, shadow hunter, and revenant, who all become viable for farming u-worlds after they get their class gems. not to say the classes mentioned previously are bad midgame, these are just other options to consider once you’re not-as-new.

My standard answer to the “Best Class” question is “the class that you like to play”. Each of the classes has their own set of features and play style. There are some that I do not like the play style of the Trove Flux. Like Summer said, I like the bomb on the Boomeranger. I miss that when I am playing other classes. When you play the Boomer with a Melee weapon, you have decent AOE for trash mobs, and you can switch to Bow for Single Target bosses.

There are wiki’s and other reference sites. is a good reference site as well as being up to date. had a decent breakdown of the classes and class abilities, but it does not seem to have been updated since Open Beta.

There’s quite a few good classes. Ones I personally don’t like are the fae due to the punishment of its passive (sh does what the fae does but better), the rev sucks without the class gem and while a good tank, isn’t what I’d choose for doing normal content, I’m not keen on the draco since I feel like other classes can do more damage or tank better, and lastly the ice sage seems kind of lacking. Everything else pretty much has its uses, though knight gets judged and shadow hunter is overused.


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