Cross platform playing the trove

Honestly Cross platform playing should be a thing.

As much as giving consoles and pc a different server would liven up everything… I know for a fact that some of my friends would only play Trove if its Cross platform. Some of my friends don’t have a pc so they wish they could play with me on pc. The only game that does that very well is rocket League. I think Trion would benefit greatly if they made it this way…. That’s my two cents.

Congrats on the Console Ports, Trion Devs. Now XBox One and PS4 can play the game just as the PC users have for a year now (Happy anniversary, Trove!).

Have a question though, XBox One uses DX12 (DirectX 12) for their system and games, so does this mean PC users will get a DX12 compatible option as well?

It would likely benefit many modern low to mid tier PCs that are struggling with occasional framerate issues on DX12 ready hardware, such as myself (You could keep the original DirectX and OpenGL settings for older PCs as well, so they can still play if DX12 isn’t backwards compatible to older versions).

Hyped for this, I don’t really care if you can’t keep your progress on PC to console. Finally I can play Trove on good settings xD. I’m guessing that on PS4 it will require Playstation Plus? I know it may sound like a dummy question, i’m just confirming (don’t play much PS4 these days, don’t judge :P)

Although I Don’t know this person who has a low amount of posts but makes a good point. I Know I have a low amount of posts as well but my IGN Is Xerpage if anyone even cares about the Cheap Trove Flux but I do kind of question this fact as well.. considering I Have supported trove quite a bit.. look it up devs.

Just keep in mind that we’re going to announce dates in a way that makes sense so we can get the word out to as many people as possible. You will have more info before long. Please hang in there for us. The console release is on the way!

Oh goody, now it can do like ARK and die with the dinos. You still haven’t fixed the lag, fully optimized the graphics, nor fixed the problems with game balance, yet let’s toss it onto another platform to try to get more players, and them will by the Trove Flux As far as possible to get more money. Where’s my N-0 Depth Scoper fishing rod?


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