The pvp-focused side of the Albion Online Items.

Guys get all the critical issues sorted and all current content reasonably finished in place and wrap up, I have no problems to wait but I do not think it’s wise considering the whole community, the game needs certain numbers to work properly from economy to world size, release somewhere in 2017 with a very small population and the underwhelming gaming experience would follow.

This game has also got too many wipes on its shoulders to keep the original community interested. You guys are not at the same level as Blizzard popularity or other triple A companies to play with the “soon, when its ready” and keep dragging without consequences. The mmo market is oversaturated for quite some time, and the pvp-focused side of the Albion Online Items. Do not push people too far with the wait and make this community so fragmented towards other titles that will have five cats playing at release. Do not get carried away with your scope for the game, reality clock is ticking.

I’m obviously waiting for the release.
I can’t recall this game being so far from being ready to launch in the past 2 years. Launching in this state would be suicide.

– Fame progression is to be revised;
– Still no words on economic changes;
– World map will be revised (including yellow/red gvgs, timezones, new biome etc);
– Meta was and still is absurdly bad (only one healing class, no tanks, arcanes, same DPS everywhere with few variation);
– Bots and hacks everywhere;
– Crashes, lags;
– PvE is awful (not that it matters much anyway, has always been like this).

Besides all that, if you account we only had one “major” update on this beta so far and it managed to actually break the game to the point you can’t even GvG anymore then you’ll realize asking for launch in 2 months on Albion Online Powerleveling. I’d say march 2017 is VERY optimistic. Realistically I’d stick to Q3/Q4 2017, that if they stop taking steps back in every update, of course.


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