Albion is wonderful

Hello Senpai!

I was attracted to Albion Online for two reasons. The first was the full-loot mechanic where every decision leading to an action has a consequence, and each player is rewarded for the correct choice and punished for the wrong one. I’ve played several theme-park MMOs where gear and Albion Online Gold quickly become irrelevant as death penalties are minimal or temporary.

I quickly got bored of those and tried sandbox MMOs like Shadowbane and EVE Online and appreciated how game knowledge and experience mattered, and also how anyone anywhere could lose anything at any time. I’ve seen people lose months, even years of time invested to one mistake, and become highly emotional on voice comms as the realization hits them.

I’ve seen guilds rally behind those players with support so that they could stand back up and recover, and in the process become better at the game. That sense of community, of family was always strongest in a sandbox environment, where true consequences force you to become a best albion online silver store, a better gamer, and a better person.

And so when I learned Albion Online was being advertised as following in the footsteps of UO and other horrifyingly brutal sandbox games, I did not hesitate to sign up. Almost a month into Beta 2, here are a few thoughts:


I’ve read through so many complaints about how most gear has no value. As soon as you unlock a new tier, you find someone already beat you to it and is selling those items on the marketplace at such low prices that you wonder why you bothered. You walk around for hours searching for untapped nodes of enchanted AO Silver but return to town hours later with scraps, unable to craft anything of note. While this may be disheartening for some people, believe it or not this is good for the game.

At any one time, the vast majority of available gear is completely irrelevant. Only the max available tier (currently Tier 6, soon Tier 7) with .3 and .4 enchantment level are of worth. The rest (.1 and .2) are so common and worthless in the greater scheme of things that full loot is merely an inconvenience to even the average player.

More accessible gear -> less valuable -> more risks taken -> more PvP -> more content -> more gear destroyed -> more opportunities for profit -> everyone wins -> why complain?


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