Albion Online: A fishing rod in stead of a fish

Try making a buy order for 100 silver of some material.Then try to look in the “my orders” section of the AH interface. See if you can cancel it.

Your question is completely redundant when you can do super simple stuff to figure out the answer. The fact that you decide to repeat your question in stead of just fucking playing with AO Silver just blows my mind. Are you literally going to not make your buy order until someone tells you the answer on this forum?

Stravanov you are a complete punk, and i applaud SamDog for his patience with you.

I am not sure how you can test this because if you put in your buy order at the same price, how can you tell if your order was filled first or his? you have to wait until someone fills the order, but when your order gets filled does that mean that it was yours first, or was his already filled?

Repeat after me Stravanov “I don’t know”. That is all you had to say.

I’m just tired of idiots.

Like you. How fucking hard is it for you to figure out how to test this?

I’ll do the fucking thinking for you. But promise me to go out and think about why you are average in life.

How to test the question at hand:

Step 1: Put your three characters in a starter town. One of them needs to have some T4 material that noobs won’t harvest and fill up your buy orders with
Step 2: Put up a buy order for 10 of your selected T4 material on albion online gold shop with one character
Step 3: Repeat step 2 for your other character. The price needs to be the same
Step 4: Sell some T4 material with your 3rd character

Rocket fucking science. OP couldn’t figure this shit out in 24 hours.

I also salute you for putting up with my tone. Well done. I am bad at dealing with stupid people that spam forums with questions that aren’t much harder than “what is 2+2”. This is indeed a fault in my personality. You can hate at me about it all you want. There is no need to put up with it. Just promise me to do some thinking on the subject that I also asked Lewk to think about.

I will always insist to at least try to wake people like you up and enable you to use the fishing rod that is right there by your side (your brain) in stead of just standing by and doing nothing while you ask for the fish all your life.


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