How about I rant a little in Albion

I use a Nvidia K1. It does play the game but with major hassles.

Once you get it downloaded and installed, which is a pain in the ass. sort of. You have to download the client from the website. Everytime. If there is an update. and you try to use the update button. No Go. Download the entire client every time. Then you have to install the client. I use airdroid. This isn’t as bad as the first times figuring it out. so download the entire client. use a third party apk installer(I found airdroid to work). MAKE SURE Unknown sources is marked in the security tab under setting. This allows non playstore apps to install.

ok game installed ready to get started… not quite….

now when you attempt to log into your account the keyboard wont stay open to type your password or email. I mean sometimes it will.. I don’t know how or why but sometimes it does work. So type your email and password into another app, then copy 1 at a time, Open the albion online gold market. it will have to open from the beginning and do the entire load. Because that’s what it does. Now paste your email(assuming you copied that first) and paste it into the email box. Now you can try to get to the password box but it usually fails for me. so exit the Albion client and copy your password. reopen the Albion client. It will have to open from the beginning and to the entire load. Because that’s what it does. Now paste in your password. And hopefully click the save password button before the game logs in. Phew… oh yeah. If it is a fresh install after you get logged in it will ask you for a code that they send to your email. So go to your email, copy the code. Open the Albion. It will have to open from the beginning and do the entire load. Because that’s what it does. maybe you can open the email with the code on a different device and write it in. oh wait, the keyboard doesn’t work.

For later installs if everything works correctly. When you download the entire new client on an update. It will ask if you want to overwrite your previous file or create a new one. you can overwrite the file, and when you install the apk again your password may have saved. So you wont have to do that again. hopefully.

Ok that is downloading and logging in.

Now for gameplay.. It plays pretty well on the shield. Then the client closes/crashes. And you have to open it from the beginning and do the entire load. Then you get logged in, hit the enter world button, it loads most of the way, crashes. client does this about 4 or 5 times. Some times when you try to get Albion Onlin Gold it says a player is still logged in on your account so you have to keep on trying till they recognize that you are not playing anymore but trying to log in.

It seems to crash most often if you are in a fight. So if I am using my tablet I will avoid fights with most creatures and npcs especially over tier IV. Low tier creatures will only knock you out when your client crashes but they will still damage your gear. I wont even go into pvp zones on tablet.

Oh but Shield tablet does look better than my many year old laptop with an I5 processor with 4G RAM and a windows experience index of 5.9 :-/. But pc version has never crashed on me. dced from the server a few times but no major faults.


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