God forgives not once but twice

I would be on the fine line of naming and shaming. I reported Cheap MapleStory Mesos at least 7 of them for hacking and botting at ToT and MP3, 6 of them abused the cube-meso cash shop bug at the start, they were freed although they promoted it to others and leeched their mains off the accounts (even bragged about it) and they they have ALOT of legendary eq on them + tyrants and a few others which seem like an impossibility.. hmmm….

3 more were busy smegaing the world that Nexon were “B”s for “falsing” banning them then behold some of us watched them hacking and botting a few days later, they were banned and I saw 2 back in the game again today.

Hint: Releasing them in unranked mode just makes many of us laugh harder, some aren’t there in the game to do anything else but terrorize others.

If you know anything of Christian doctrine, you know that God forgives infinitely many times.
No matter how many times you’ve sinned, repented, and relapsed, God is always willing to accept your next repentance.



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