Blade And Soul Faction Change

I know this is a part of the game, that is not what annoys on this. People are free to change sides as long as they have the money to do, feel free. My problem with it is. Changing factions Blade And Soul Gold should reset your rank to recruit/initiate. You’re basically deserting one side for the other, and act of betrayal. You wouldn’t have the same amount of trust(reputation) with the opposing faction. You’re a betrayer, they know this when you change factions, thus you would start out as low man on the totem pole and have to earn that factions trust. But most will not like or agree with this, simply because heaven forbid there is a consequence to making this choice.

And by the way, before you say I don’t know what I’m talking about. I spent 11 years in the U.S. Army. Had I, for example, deserted my post and defected to China, Russia, or any other country, I would not have the same amount of trust with them as I would have with the U.S. More than likely, I’d be put to death or in prison.

But if one faction is being constantly defeated to the point that all new players are selecting the winning side, it would be nice if OP Players from that faction switched over to even things out. Losing their rank would discourage any such attempts at balance. I guess it depends on how PvP-oriented end game is?

I thought it would as well. But ran in to someone one who had switched sides and retained their rank. Normally I’d over look this. But as I had just partied up with him to farm tokens in misty yesterday. I would say you could do it via prestige, but for 45’s that is probably the most annoying farm out there. Since you only get it from certain mobs and that’s 1-2 at a time. The only reason I can see to faction change at all is the “Double Agent” achievement. But that requires you to kill 1000 Crimson and Cerulean.

And if you’re faction changing because the other side is winning, then you’re still a loser, just one that would rather cuddle up to the ball sacks of those stronger than you.



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