Open world Blade And Soul PVP 1 vs 1 does not work like the Arena 1 vs 1

I just remember reading somewhere how good they are Blade And Soul Gold at taking a target down to near death .-. I wanna know how.. Do I have all my basic skills I need for pvp or is there some essentials I haven’t gotten yet as being level 18?

That and Open world PVP 1 vs 1 does not work like the Arena 1 vs 1 since in Open world PVP is really level and gear oriented, and as far i rerember, PVP gets fun at around lvl 30 no matter what class you play, and also it comes down what ”talents” you use in the skill tree ”K” by default.

I see, how minimal of a level gap can you be to stand a chance in open world pvp? Like say if someone’s 15 and sees a 20… do they stand a chance? or what if they’re 19, or 18.. so on and so fourth. How does it all scale for leveling? And when should I see my more commonly used skills show up? I don’t even know what talents I want to build in because I feel like I’m missing a lot of essentials…

Well, if you are ”God-Like” then you can beat a lvl 20 as a lvl 15, the closer the levels together and you cant beat them no matter what the more you have lack of actual skill
Also > Gear > Hongmoon Sword lvl 5 vs lvl 10 huge ass difference :C also around lvl 15, there is the next breakthrough and that gap is massive between pre 10 and past 10

I actually just brokethrough my hongmoon wep but…. idk what do from here, I’m 18. Also I think my other problem is that there’s no manual way to change stances…. So I can’t test or try out moves in my draw sword stance without either A. the mob dies too fast to test the combo… B. it’s actually capable of killing m. Are blademasters supposed to be
Blade And Soul Power leveling this limited? To needing to use a skill to transfer to that stance? Really makes it complicated to block if every time I try to get into draw stance, I need to immediately block while in it.. this wasting the skill I used to get into draw stance in the first place :I


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