Hello ladies. Look at your mmo. Now back to BnS Gold. Now back to your mmo. Now back to BnS. Sadly, it isn’t BnS. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re in a cave fighting hordes of monsters. What’s in your hand? Back at me. It’s a flamethrower. Look again. The flamethrower is now a spear gun. Anything is possible when your mmo is BnS.

Day 3. Starting from Foshi Pyers. Got a quest to go to a tomb. Praise Rillifane! Someone actually gave me cardinal directions to my next destination! See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Let’s go complete that quest and then talk to a few more people. Telepathic thought bubbles still there. You know, this would have been really helpful back on Heaven’s Reach when I was talking to the traitor guy. Where were the thought bubbles then, huh? PEOPLE DIED, BNS! LIVES WERE LOST!

Cue generic mmo kill quota quest. Moving on. Let’s get this lady her stolen dress. 20 minutes later. Here ya go ma’am! “I don’t have any money, is there some other way I can repay you?”. I feel like I’ve seen this scenario in a video somewhere. Now we’re going to a beach area to free some caged people. Wow, there sure are a lot of enemies here, and they must know we’re here after we start causing a commotion. “Hey uh, should we like, all go attack him at once?” “Nah, let’s just send a few men at a time so he can easily defeat us” clichè.

Oh, there’s achievements… *sigh* disappointed in you, BnS. Okay let’s learn about socketing and…it takes money for me to pull the gem out of my own item. Again, who are we paying? Moving on. Oh no, the bamboo uniform makes me hostile to the Blackram… so pretty much exactly the same as it was before then? Going into nearby dungeon. Magical portal appears after defeating the boss that takes me to the dungeon entrance. Why would their portal activate for me? It’s THEIR lair. On another note, if these guys have the technology for such teleportation, why would they need to resort to petty crime?

Ending this session at the Char Coalition *badum tss*. See you guys next time.


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