I think people should try to be more social in this MMO Blade And Soul

If you need help killing something other than a boss you are doing things wrong. I’d usually prefer other players don’t mess with my tags. I don’t appreciate having to chase them around.

You got the whole topic wrong.
It’s not that people need help killing anything.

It about the fact that people have to contest for mobs sicne the guy who lands the first blow gets all the stuff INCLUDING quest items – instead of a system where everybody who “helped” killing it also got the quest item.

This leads to a situation where people actively switch channels in order to AVOID other players so they can actually finish their quest.

Though not as in depth as the others have been in this thread. I agree that partying up is the answer, and it isn’t just up to them to invite you.

For quests, if possible I will pair up, and most of the time players are more then happy to. I think people should try to be more social in this MMO

I agree also, yes the simplest and most friendly way would be to just group up or change channels but that isn’t always possible for one reason or another and changing channel brings back to the point of why avoid in an mmo? A game that’s supposed to be played together. Also a counter to the just party up option, is why make players have to party up to kill 10 or 20 mobs in a slow respawn area Blade And Soul Gold when they’re just gonna leave the party when they’re finished? You might aswell streamline the whole system and allow quest items independently of tagging, the same as boss mobs.


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