there a Blade And Soul wiki or something for this game

Is there a wiki or something for this game

I am so lost.  I have no room to pick anything up, or any idea what to do with the items I have laying around.  I have my wep at 10.  I’m Blade And Soul Power leveling  20.

What are gems for?

What should we be dismantling?  What to do with whatever you get after dismantling?  It seems I get mostly broken pieces.  So I vendor them.

Why are there so many options for soul shield?  It’s like a collection or something.  But all they do is take up inventory space.

What is an efficient way to control this extremely minimal inventory space, while not wasting items you may need for something upcoming?

This is just a few things.  The only reason I logged off tonight is because I have no room to hold anything, or any idea wth to do with the crap that I have BNS Gold…  Is there no wiki or any guide?


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