destroyers are not that op as you say in the game of Blade and Soul

well while i feel your pain, destroyers are not that op as you say. For now 3 classes Cheap Blade And Soul Gold that require no skill to play are plaguing PvP. Sins with their unlimited and w/o cd stuns (seriously 4-5 second stun???) and uncounterable attacks, add their range (yet they use daggers). Summoner (2vs1 WTF?) with insane heals, high damage. And also dont forget blade dancers with their bugged spin, 2 sec stun w/o cd. After 1800+ there are no other classes except the ones i mentioned.
Biggest problem is that stats are equalized. Now summoner or FM have same defense as destroyer tho damage multipliers give them bigger damage. PvP for now is for fun, with this balance is not even worth to consider it as balanced.

why did you put lol at the end of sentence? Do you know what that even means? If you dont know how its bugged then why ‘lol’? Really people…
Ive just watched some video of PvP tournament that was embed in some other thread and no, i can definitely say, that it differs actually.
Anyway, you just repeated what i said just in another way. You have to know BD skills and and be good with your class to beat first timer newbie.
Like in other thread about PvP one guy said, its not that certain classes are unbalanced. There is a way and you can beat them. ITs just that these 3 classes are easy to play
Blade & Soul Gold and for none to low risks gain huge benefits.


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