Blade and Soul China : A New Game Booster, special packages, I achieve less than 40ms

Hi guys, how’s your weekend? I was pleasantly surprise to Buy Blade And Soul Gold find a Game Booster that worked better than Xunyou. I was unhappy with the ping I received from Xunyou and decided to ask my friends for alternatives before I stumble upon Xunlei . Xunlei is a neat little booster that is able to give me a stablise ping of 50ms or less even on a weekend. In short, it works better for me and cost only a fraction of what I am paying for Xunyou. (Payment is also much more convenient, read on to find out more)

1. Account Registration
Please click on the link to proceed to the Xunlei page. Once you are there, you will see this page.
Click on “Register” to create an account. Like Xunyou, Xunlei also provides a 4 day free membership trial for new registrants.
Click on the Green Button to download the Game Booster.

2. Setting up the Game Booster
Once you have completed your registration, install the Game Booster and patch it. The Game Booster will prompt you to restart your system after the patch to register the updates.

Click on the link indicated to select your game aka Blade and Soul China.

After you complete all the above procedures, you should be able to see your current ping at the bottom right hand corner of your window. This is your in game ping, please ignore what you see on the BNS Game Launcher as that is inaccurate. I tried using Xunlei to boost the rest of the servers and all my recorded ping are around 40ms! *_*

3. Topping Up Your Xunlei Account
Topping up is very easy, I recommend using, a 3rd party provider from South East Asia where all Service Officers communicate in English. (link here). What we are going to purchase is a Xunlei Points Card. There is a “Chat with us” window where you talk to a real person on the other end. Customer service is prompt and friendly so communication should be a breeze. You will need to setup an account before you can use their services.

**Note : They do not accept paypal for this transaction (although its one of the options) but they accept all major credit cards, Mastercards and VISAs. ** After you complete your payment, you will need to present your Order Number to the Service Officer who will verify your purchase. Once that is done, you want to copy down Xunlei Card’s Number and Pin.


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