BnS Tree :: Skill Tree Simulator for Blade and Soul

I’m pretty sure most of you can’t read Korean (or Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese) and are wildly guessing what does what when it comes to skill trees.
I’m also seeing lots of posts asking for builds and translation requests..
Well.. look no further! With this skill tree simulator, you can create your own builds!

These trees are based on the KR server. But most things if not all should be the same as other servers.

So, long time ago, I was going through my skill builds on the official BnS KR website and wondered if it would be possible to isolate the skill tree simulator, rip apart the code, translate it, and post it here.
(Originally hosted on dropbox (1.0) and then github with a new interface Buy BNS Gold with some new features (2.0 and 2.1))
While it worked, it was increasingly difficult to mod or add new skills / features that I wanted. I had to hack stuff into the code.

When I started my intern job and Cheap BNS Gold learned lots of cool internet tech, I decided to make the whole thing completely mine. (before, most of the core program was written by ncsoft)
So I rewrote the entire thing from scratch with maintainability and all the features I wanted in mind.

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